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The Show

A Celebration

Wheel of Life tells the exciting story of the Shaolin Monks' early struggle to establish and protect their Temple. The performance is an illustration and celebration of their history, their religion and their tremendous physical skill.
Shaolin Wheel Of Life Stage Prologue - Flag
Shaolin Wheel Of Life Stage Prologue - Splits

An Honoured Performance

This will be the only show to feature ordained Soldier Monks of the Shaolin Temple and, as such, is the only show authorised by The Venerable Shi Yong Xin, Fangzhang (first abbot) of the Temple and supported by the Henan Provincial Government. No other show has had this honour, blessing and approval bestowed upon it.

Tradition & Technology

Imaginative music, combined with high technology lighting and a stage set that evokes the mysterious world of the east has produced a visual event that is colourful, exciting and dramatic. This combination of explosive power, imaginative theatrics and traditional story-telling will produce an event for which there is no parallel.
Shaolin Wheel Of Life Stage Prologue - Fingers
Photographs by Richard Haughton
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