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I saw the show at Alexandra Theatre. it was the most impressive display I have ever seen, and it has really motivated me. Sean Chu

Bristol Hippodrome, 27th May 2000; Absolutely unbelievable, magical, awe inspiring and beuatiful! Matt Ganson

Having seen the show in London, last month at the Dominion theatre, I was greatly impressed, with the story, the soundtrack, the show, all excellent. With the monk's skill, wow!!. Again seeing them at an impromptu display at the NEC last week in B'ham. Ian Hawkins

The Theatre Royale(Hanley Stoke on Trent). Wheel of life tour May 13th 2000. EXCELLENT! Colin Durber

I was at the newcastle show with some freinds it was really good anyway next time you preform in the north east let me know! from Ben Ben Johnstone

I saw the show at the london Dominican and loved every moment of it. As a practicing martial artist i found the show a great inspiration and fufilled an ambition to see the monks.Their skill and amazing levels of fitness and calm has truly enlightened me! Nick Davies

An outstanding performance. the best show i have ever seen. Congratulations to the shaolin monks on a superb show.

I saw the show at Manchester Apollo on May 19 2000 and was amazed at the feats performed by the monks. It was an excellent performance and I will definately go and see it again when /if you tour again. Ian Brimelow

Attended the show last night in Liverpool (20 May). The show was amazing and has inspired me to continue practicing Buddhism to the best of my ability. Thank You! Jeremy P miller


The show was brilliant. showing strenghth,energy and colour mixed with physical and musical talent. The Kung Fu showed real applications which are used within the Liverpool School. Karl Williams

Your performances astounded me, the philosphy is interesting, as i a result i have been training to my best. nik

A wonderful show, that everybody should see, a well put together production. The show was very stimulating and educational! I would definately want to see them again! Julia Kaye Blinkhorn

It was a superb historic show of the re-emergence of one of the greatest's group of spiritual martial artists on the planet! Eddie Rowan

It is very good I find it very interesting it looks painfull Sarah

I would just like to thank all that arranged the surprise performance at SENI at the NEC on Sunday 7/5. It was abolutely amazing. I see the monks whenever possible, and find them absolutely incredible. Their speed and agility is awesome. Chris Barton

Really enjoyed the show, totally incredible. It was an excellent mixture of Shaolin Kung Fu and chinese theatre. Very good experince, many thanks. Riikka Linden

I thought all of the Monks were Brillant espeically the children when they held their leg above their head! a.helen.travis

would love to see one of your shows. some real entertainment, but how come one show in scotland and only for the east coasters. how about one in glasgow for those of us who live in the west. enjoy your tour. best wishes,with love and light. chris. chris saunders

Went to see the show at Dominion Theatre, London and LOVED it, but wasn't aware of any other dates on the tour until I got there. I appreciate that futher dates may not have been finalised, but it would have been much easier if these had been publicised Angela Materski

Quite simply the best show I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Scott Robertsn

brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Ben Swift

Having breifly glimpsed an article of TV about the Shaolin monks performing in Nottingham I was was very pleased to be able to track down your website. Andrew Chard

The Dominion theatre performance was something special. The skills of the warrior monks was a joy and thrill to watch. Their ability to harness their inner vitality is an inspiration to me. I'd like to find out more about Qi Gong and how I may use it to Radha

I have not seen the Show but I saw the Shaolin Monks perform in Dublin in The Point Theatre in 1996 ...incredible!!! Colm Mc Donnell

It is truly time to show the Shaolin on a wider base, The production looks great, and the story speaks for itself. Where and when will the shows be put on in the London area as I would love to see first hand the skill of the monks and would enjoy the spe Ben Sharples

Can you tell me how to get a copy of the music from the show. Enjoyed the Preston guildhall performance very much. Thanks. thelma.davies

The Playhouse Edinburgh - spectacular! Elizabeth Mooney

First Class. I was very impressed and have suggested to my friends that they should see it. David Bridges

Wheel of Life had mystique & excellent action! It was an unforgettable experience. I have already recomended the show to everyone I know. Horace Forbes

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